I mostly blog about mental health and illness, as a result many of my followers and readers are people who may be experiencing their own difficulties.

I am always a friendly ear to listen should it be needed. I’ll happily discuss mental health/wellness/illness with anyone – after all, that is one of the aims of this blog – to normalise discussion around mental health & illness.

However, I am NOT a doctor, psychiatrist, counsellor, psychologist, etc. I can tell you what works for me, how I dealt with particular situations and I can share my experiences but I can’t tell you what to do apart from recommending that you share your situation with someone you trust if you haven’t done so already & seeking professional help if you think that is right for you.

It would be a disservice to you if I told you to do something because ‘It works!’ or ‘It will make you better!’, that may be the case for me but not for you and telling you those things could be damaging and dangerous. What I write on this blog is my opinion. When something I write is backed up by factual evidence I will include a link to that information at the end of the post.

Whenever I post something relating to mental health or wellness I will include a link at the bottom of the post – this link will bring you to a page with a list of charities & support services should you need help, advice or information. Do not be afraid to seek it out, it’s what those organisations are there for. If you are reading from a country other than Ireland a quick Google search will help you find similar support services near you. Alternatively, you can contact one from the list below and ask them if they could point you in the right direction.

Reading about someone else’s experiences with mental ill health can be comforting but it can also be triggering so please look after yourself.

Click here for a list of charities/support services

Thank you,