Stephanie is a twenty six year old (damn millennial!) from Ireland who has a love of coffee, tattoos & long walks on the beach. She began life several months too early and has followed that trend by never taking the ordinary route to anything. She’s currently a mental health student with University College Cork.

On StepphhSays you’ll find a lot of content covering her own experience with mental ill health along with occasional rants, observations about life (why are we here?!), and anything else she feels like adding because it’s her site and she has the power!

Stephanie has been known to have a dry & sarcastic sense of humour and she occasionally swears (apologies to her mother), so don’t say you weren’t warned!

She’s not a very good photographer so all header images are free to use stock images. (Full disclosure and all that!)

She hates referring to herself in the third person because it’s weird and she promises to never do it again.