Meet Dobby – Blogtober Day 20

If you’ve been reading my blog or following my socials for a while you’ll know that I have a dog that I absolutely adore. If you’re new, meet Dobby!

IMG_0041 (2)

Growing up we always had dogs but they usually came and went with my sister as she moved in and out of our family home. I really wanted a pet of my own but for years my parents always said no. Eight years ago they finally changed their minds.

Dobby is from our local Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre. The dogs there come from Local Authority pounds, private surrenders or sometimes they are puppies born there. When we arrived at Dogs Trust we were shown around by a lovely staff member and asked to fill out a short questionnaire about our household to help match us to a suitable dog. These were straightforward questions to see if we had any other pets or small children, if we had time and experience to train a dog, etc. We fully intended to take home a trained adult dog but there weren’t any there that matched us on that particular day. We said we’d come back in a few weeks and were set to leave when someone asked about seeing some puppies that had recently been born. Obviously we had to see them! What kind of monster says no to seeing puppies?!

I’m not sure how many were in the litter but there seemed to be a lot of them. They were all gathered in one massive sleepy pile, very cute! Staff told us that they were likely Collie X’s but they weren’t positive. They all had that classic black and white Collie look…except for one. One little guy stood out from the rest. He was tan and white and much smaller than the other puppies. We hadn’t planned on getting a puppy but we totally fell in love with him and knew we could train him. None of the pups were ready to go home right away so we had to wait a while before we could get our hands on him!

The day he came home – so tiny!

Once he was big enough we were allowed to take him home but not before a home check and training session from Dogs Trust to make sure we were well prepared. Dogs Trust took care of his vaccinations, provided us with a lead and collar and enough food to keep him going for a little while along with a wealth of information and reassurance that we could call them with any questions. They even neutered him once he was old enough! They provided all of that and all they asked for in return was a donation and a loving home from Dobby (who they had originally named Professor X!).

Dobby puppy
Look at those giant ears…he grew in to them eventually!

The past eight years have been great. Pets really do bring so much joy. Dobby has a lovely temperament, he’s very sweet and funny. He’s patient with the kids, he loves his sleep, he’s incredibly nosy, he doesn’t like to be left in the dark on his own and he’ll do anything for a piece of cheese. He’s always in the window, ready to greet us when we get home, he’s content to sit with me if I’m not feeling so good and he’s a great companion when it comes to going for a walk. Everyone who meets him seems to love him (even those who claim they aren’t ‘dog people’!).

Dobby nose

Dobby makes me laugh, he provides company, he keeps me going. Recently Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick tweeted ‘Animals don’t judge us, they love us unconditionally. They give us so much. Here’s to all the animals that are our companions in light and dark.’ I couldn’t agree more.

Do you have any pets? Share a picture of them, tell me about them! 

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One thought on “Meet Dobby – Blogtober Day 20

  1. Aww hello Dobby! He’s such an adorable little pup! I love the picture of him yawning the best! I love it when I’m able to capture that cute face of theirs when they don’t expect it haha


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