September Playlist – Blogtober Day 7

Here are the 5 songs I listened to most in September. Find monthly playlists from me on Spotify 🎶

Foo Fighters – These Days

Record: Wasting Light

Favourite Lyrics: ‘One of these days, the clocks will stop and time won’t mean a thing.’

The soft opening that contains my favourite lyrics of this song gives way to rhythmic guitar and belting vocals before coming to the hard finish that Foos are known for.

Paramore – Hard Times

Record: After Laughter

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Hard times gonna take you down and laugh when you cry and I still don’t know how I even survive.’

I love this song. The music and video are both quite upbeat and happy seeming. However, the lyrics tell a different story, one of struggle. I think the juxtaposition of both are quite an accurate portrayal of depression or mental health difficulties – we often show ourselves as happy and ‘fine’ when really, we’re not doing great. Hard Times, and After Laughter as a whole, have an 80’s vibe that somehow sounds current at the same time. It’s a new era for Paramore and far removed from their 2005 debut.

Imagine Dragons – Natural

Record: Origins (released 9th November 2018)

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Rather be the hunter than the prey and you’re standing on the edge, face up ’cause you’re a natural.’

The Grammy Award winning alternative rock group, Imagine Dragons, are back. Natural is angry and raw, maybe not surprising considering the difficulties Reynolds has faced in his personal life in the past year. Almost every Imagine Dragons song gets percussion heavy at some point which makes for great live performances. This one starts quiet, with a choral vocal but by the chorus we have the hard hitting drums we’re used to.

Pink – What About Us

Record: Beautiful Trauma

Favourite Lyrics: ‘We are searchlights, we can see in the dark, we are rockets, pointed up at the stars, we are billions of beautiful hearts.’

This one is emotional and fierce – a pretty good description of Alicia Moore, better known as Pink, too! A power balled, a call to stand up, a song about a failing relationship, a pop anthem, a critique of the political landscape in 2017 – this song is a lot of things at once but it stays authentic throughout.

Snow Patrol – This Isn’t Everything You Are

Record: Fallen Empires

Favourite Lyrics: ‘And in one little moment, it all implodes. This isn’t everything you are.
Breathe deeply in the silence, no sudden moves. This isn’t everything you are.’

Probably my all time favourite Snow Patrol song. This one has the sound an emotional depth that you’d expect from Lightbody & Co. As an album, Fallen Empires has a little more electronica than previous SP albums, which is by no means a bad thing, but this one is the somewhat downbeat yet anthemic sound any Snow Patrol fan would be familiar with. My love of this song has to do with the lyrics, I was tempted to put half the song as my favourite lyrics! It’s one I go back to whenever I’m feeling down.


Advance warning that most of my October favourites will likely be from Twenty One Pilots latest release, Trench – I’m so excited!

What songs, new or old, did you enjoy listening to last month? Share some with me below! 


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