Autumn/Winter Date Ideas – Blogtober Day 6

It can be difficult to think of Autumn/Winter date ideas beyond the usual cinema, dinner or bar date so here are a couple of my favourite suggestions!

Indoor picnic – Go all out with this, lay out the picnic blanket on the floor, light some candles,  include your favourite foods and chill out!

indoor picnic

€10 gift challenge – Go to your local shopping centre and find a gift for your partner within fifteen minutes and for ten euro or less. This one can lead to really thoughtful or really hilarious gifts! If €10 and fifteen minutes is too easy, decrease both.

Go to a show – For us that’s seeing a band live but theatre, musicals and art shows are good too! We’ve got Twenty One Pilots and Panic! at the Disco early next year but there are usually smaller shows in local venues that you could go to at short notice.


Embrace the chill! – Wrap up and go out for a walk or check out a local craft market. We have a park not too far from us that has a coffee stall in it, a takeaway coffee is the perfect way to stay just warm enough and being outdoors on a sunny but cold day is lovely!

Have a game night – Enjoy some healthy competition (unless you’re like me and losing drives you mad! haha) whether you go with classic board games or or you keep it current with video games is up to you.


Still stuck for ideas? Check out my previous post on some rainy day activity ideas.

What are some of your favourite date idea for Autumn/Winter? Share them with me below!

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