August Playlist

Here are the songs I listened to most in August. Find monthly playlists from me on Spotify

My Blood – Twenty One Pilots

Record: Trench (released October 5th 2018)

Favourite Lyrics: ‘When everyone you thought you knew dserts your fight, I’ll go with you.’

The Grammy winning duo are back with another single from the upcoming record Trench. My Blood is vastly different from their last release, Levitate. This one is definitely more pop and features Joseph’s falsetto along with a killer base line.


Lake Effect Kid – Fall Out Boy

Record: Lake Effect Kid EP

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Oh, I got the skyline in my veins.’

Not gonna lie, this one made me emotional. Listening to this brought me back to being 14/15 right between Under The Cork Tree and Infinity On High.


Choke – I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

Record: Released as a single.

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Oh, you clever little things, the sycophantic teens, what a precious basket case.’

Dallon Weekes is back doing his own thing after 8 years with Panic! at the Disco.  Choke features a cool key change along with a guitar lick that will get stuck in your head!


Kamikaze- Walk The Moon

Record: What If Nothing

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Going down with my wings on fire, guess I’ll see you in another life.’

A very different track to the smash hit that is Shut Up and Dance, Kamikaze gives us Walk The Moon 2.0. This song starts with soft vocals and mellow guitar and then changes in both tone and tempo in the latter half which really allows it to shine.


Savages – Marina and The Diamonds

Record: FROOT

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Humans aren’t gonna behave as we think we always should. Yeah, we can be bad as we can be good.’

An oldie but a goodie. Synth-pop with a message that still resonates three years after its release.


What have you been listening to this month? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. My tend in music tends to be pop rock, pop punk or indie with the odd bit of Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes thrown in! There’s one of these posts for every month of 2018 if you’re ever looking for more – no need to comment on them all though 😉 Hope you find some new songs that you love!

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