March Playlist

Here are the songs I listened to most in March. Find monthly playlists from me on Spotify

Church – Fall Out Boy

Record – M A N I A

Favourite Lyrics: “If you were church, I’d get on my knees, confess my love. I’d know where to be, my sanctuary, you’re holy to me.”

Possibly Stump’s best vocals on this record. With gospel and RnB overtones, Church stands out from the rest of the tracks on this record.

Crazy = Genius – Panic! at the Disco

Record – Death Of A Bachelor

Favourite Lyrics: “You’re so straight like commuters with briefcases towing the line.
There’s no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes.”

Not a world a way from Fever‘s ‘There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey…’ – think jazzy sax, fuzzy guitar and clever lyrics with a nod to The Beach Boys.

Brother – Kodaline

Record – Politics Of Living

Favourite Lyrics: “If I was dying on my knees you would be the one to rescue me
and if you were drowned at sea I would give you my lungs so you could breathe.”

The lyrics and video (it will make you tear up!), are both perfect. I’ve heard this one live and believe me, it’s stunning. Those dynamic harmonies sound just as good in real life.

I Fall Apart – Post Malone

Record – Stoney

Favourite Lyrics: “Now there’s too many thoughts goin’ through my brain and now I’m takin’ these shots like it’s Novocaine.”

This one surprised me – more emotive than I expected and decent enough vocals that are almost a little grungy.


Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Record – Tell Me You Love Me

Favourite Lyrics: “Now, payback is a bad bitch and baby, I’m the baddest.
You fuckin’ with a savage, can’t have this, can’t have this and it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah.”

One for the haters. Unapologetic with powerful vocals, Lovato is back on form after a quiet year.

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