The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Abby over at For All That Wander has been kind enough to award me The Versatile Blogger Award – Thank you Abby! 

The Versatile Blogger Award aims to recognise those blogs that stand out for being a little different, for doing their own thing, for blogging with enthusiasm and passion. It’s by bloggers, for bloggers. If there is a blog you enjoy why not honour the owner by nominating them? We could all do with a bit of positivity and love! 

For more info & award buttons visit The Versatile Blogger Award

The rules are simple – Should you choose to accept please include the following in your post: 

  • Link back to the person who nominated/awarded you…and a ‘thank you’ wouldn’t go amiss!
  • Include the rules so that the person you’ve nominated/awarded knows what they should do.
  • Include 7 facts about yourself – let people get to know you! 
  • Include a list of blogs you would like to award/nominate and link to them (the usual list is 15 blogs but less or a few more is fine, no panic!)

7 Facts About Me

  1. I can’t swim – I did swimming lessons throughout primary school, didn’t get anywhere with them!
  2. I listen to music every day & love going to gigs. My current favourite bands are Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots – I’m always up for chatting about them or other artists and I’m always on the look out for a new band or song. Find me on Twitter or check out what I’m listening to on Spotify
  3. My dog is everything to me – His name is Dobby, he’s a Dog’s Trust pup that I got 6 years ago. He never fails to make me smile – more on him in a later post!
  4. I have a thing for stationery, cups, candles and bath products. I’ve entirely too many of all of them and it’s gonna stay that way.
  5. I left school without sitting my Leaving Cert but went on to get 3 other certificates and a place in college –  It wasn’t straightforward and there were a lot of false starts but it goes to show that final school exams aren’t everything and there are other options out there.
  6. One of my favourite things is spending time with my parents, siblings, nephews/nieces – Several years ago both of my parents were quite ill and it really made me appreciate them and every moment we have together. As a family we make an effort to get together to do things. The best times are usually during the Summer when we go to a beach or park with the kids and celebrate my mam’s birthday at the same time 🙂
  7. This is not my first blog – I had a very basic blog several years ago, a sort of online diary. I ended up deleting it because I was worried about what people who I knew IRL thought of it. Now, I don’t care haha



* A quick note – In keeping with the spirit of my blog I want to be clear that if I have nominated/awarded you and you don’t wish to nominate/award someone else that’s perfectly okay. It doesn’t change the fact that I think you’re awesome and that you deserve this!

  • RocketteQueen – Aoife is killing it with posts about alternative fashion, cruelty free beauty and thoughts on life. My fav!
  • JasminsWorld – Jaz is blogging her way through her final year of uni.
  • LoveKatieLauren – Check out her positivity series, it’s fab!
  • TooManyRedheads – A blog about family & parenting . I don’t have children but still find plenty of life lessons and useful info here!
  • WrittenBySJSmith – Sam is a fellow book lover, blogging her way through life.
  • HelloBexa – A student & lifestyle blog…and someone whose love of sweet potato fries might just rival mine!
  • TheFashionDiet – Sarah is a young Irish blogger who is passionate about all things fashion & beauty.
  • IBlogTheFashion – Here you’ll find content that is mostly focused on fashion but lately Holly Louise has been doing more lifestyle posts & sharing a bit more about her life which I am loving.
  • LifeWithKtkinnes – Books & food galore! Katie is also one of the bloggers running @BloggersTribe on Twitter.
  • ChloeMetzger – Fellow Potter nerd, feminist and mental health advocate.

Guys, I love your blogs and think you’re fab, thanks for doing what you’re doing and sharing it with the world!

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Lover of white wine & gin, good books, superheroes, ham & cheese toasties, hipster everything, long walks on the beach, etc... Blogging about mental illness, things that annoy me, the usual shit.

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