And so it begins…

So, you might be wondering why this blog is only going live now considering I have a background in eBusiness and a love for all things social. The truth is, this isn’t my first blog. In fact, I have had several blogs and social media channels which have been deleted shortly after publishing them or before they’d even been viewed by the public.

To be fearful of creating a blog might sound ridiculous but for me it has been a big deal. I have Social Anxiety Disorder, I worry how I will be perceived by other people, excessively so (more on that later!) I was afraid that someone, anyone, would read this and think ‘She doesn’t know what she’s doing.’, ‘Her blog is shit!’, ‘Look at her thinking she’s something special.’, you get the idea. I was also a bit apprehensive because I’ve spent months reading other blogs, seeing how well developed they are, feeling intimidated or like I need to conform to what is popular right now and God forbid I should make a grammatical error (*gasp*).

Ultimately I decided to forge ahead – this blog might not fit a particular aesthetic or niche, it will probably be a bit scattered and it will never be perfect but that pretty much describes me!

I hope that in sharing my thoughts and experiences I make you laugh, question and maybe realise that you’re not alone when times get tough.

Don’t be afraid to say hello!






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Lover of white wine & gin, good books, superheroes, ham & cheese toasties, hipster everything, long walks on the beach, etc... Blogging about mental illness, things that annoy me, the usual shit.

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